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Internal and External Infections


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I realized the other day, while looking at health items people search for on the internet, that infections are a bigger problem and concern then I had imagined! The sad part is that many are so easily treated, so here is the simple solution to most infections! (Taken partly from our colloidal silver web page and the PHYSICIANS' DESK REFERENCE)

Bacterial, viral and fungal infections plague the young and old! Topping the list are vaginal and oral yeast infection, skin, inner ear, sinus, lung or nose and throat infections. Next are tooth, mouth, intestinal, urinary tract, bladder, liver and kidney infections, followed by prostate, bone and blood infections. In all cases, colloidal silver (for over 80 years) has been shown to be quite effective, both in preventing and treating infections. Medical research repeatedly indicates pathogens are the cause of many ills including stomach ulcers and heart problems.

While Ionic Colloidal Silver is a great assist to your immune system, it is not a cureall, although many claim it kills over 650 pathogens. It is clear that the ionic form is far superior to the metallic (pure colloidal) form!

Even if it can not wipe out a specific pathogen it has been shown to get rid of enough others to free up your bodies immune system to do its job.

YEAST INFECTIONS - Candida Albicans and Oral Thrush

The first stage attack on Candida is to reduce or eliminate an over grown colony in your gut! That is its natural home and source of infection for other parts of your body, as an overgrowth can ruin the protective mucousal lining, which gives leaky gut syndrome, letting the yeast spread to other tissue. Until you get rid of that overpopulation and rebuild the mucousal lining, you will be constantly reinfected, as the mucosal lining is the first stage filter to keep yeast and other matter from getting into your blood.

I strongly suggest doing a partial juice fast with dark grape juice - drinking a glassful every hour and eating nothing else until dinner! Contrary to what all seem to think and preach, the fruit sugars help, not as a food but as a solvent/lubricant. I discovered this in my research when I got Oral Thrush (yeast infection) which drove me mad as the white spots spread around my mouth, tongue and throat, cracking the tissue.

Putting two and two together, I remembered taking probiotics and they all suggest taking FOS (fructosaccarides) as a food for them and I decided the best source was fruit juice (although all suggest no sugar for yeast) and then I remembered there were a few sugars that prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth and gut and realized that was the answer, to feed the friendly bacteria and at the same time knock loose a large colony of yeast! It worked in just 3 days and has helped all that try it. Since "Death Begins in the Colon", I have made Concord Grape Juice part of my daily diet!

Most get loose bowels but apparently the grape sugars make the gut slippery enough that the yeast colony loses hold and can be discharged. You will know in a few days, when bowel movements stop smelling putrid and start smelling like fresh squeezed grapes! Really!

It worked for my oral thrush, after everything else failed, (believe me, I tried everything), as it flushed out some putrid old crud and a colony in just 3 days, which stoped the gut leakage of yeast into the blood. My mouth then cleared up in a day!

Yeast caused leaky gut may very well be the cause of chronic fatigue that so many have!

Once back to normal, you will find Cs and your immune system can regain control.


Pyelonephritis is a kidney infection, usually from bacteria that spread from the bladder. Possible causes of infection include the following:

Use of a catheter to drain urine from the bladder
Use of a cystoscope to examine the bladder and urethra
Surgery on the urinary tract
Conditions such as prostate enlargement and kidney stones that prevent the efficient flow of urine from the bladder.

If your resistance is low, germs from the bladder can travel up the tubes (ureters) that lead to the kidneys, take up residence, and multiply. An acute kidney infection starts suddenly with severe symptoms, then quickly comes to an end. A chronic kidney infection develops slowly, grows steadily worse, and hangs on. The chronic variety can lead to kidney failure.

Conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, kidney stones, and abnormalities of the urinary tract can lower your ability to fight off the bacteria that cause kidney infections. Women sometimes contract kidney infections when bacteria get into the urinary tract following sex.


Usually symptoms come on very fast. They include fever, nausea and vomiting, chills, pain, upset stomach, low back or side and groin pain, vomiting, a constant need to urinate or an inability to urinate at all, blood and pus in the urine, and pain or a burning sensation during urination.

Diagnosis is made with a urine test to identify bacteria and formations of white blood cells, called casts, shaped like tubes in the kidneys. If an infection cannot be easily cured, x-rays might be done to look for abnormalities in the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. A kidney infection is treated with an appropriate antibiotic, and abnormalities may need to be surgically treated.

Quality Ionic Colloidal silver might be the antibiotic of choice, there being no side effects, like man made antibiotics, which often resolve one problem only to replace it with another.

An untreated or recurrent kidney infection can lead to chronic pyelonephritis, scarring of the kidneys, and permanent kidney damage.


More people have been introduced to the amazing benefits of colloidal silver by a friend curing a childs ear ache with a few drops, then any other application!

Even inner ear infections respond well, since ionic colloidal silver is easily absorbed thru the skin and can thus get to the bacteria causing the problem. Usually, relief is brought in less then an hour!


Most skin infections respond quickly to good grades of colloidal silver, as it has both strong antibacterial and antivirual actions but also is an immunosuppressor for many conditions. Poison ivy, oak and sumac all evoke an immune system over reaction, with skin irritation, itching and often blisters or oozing sores. Application of colloidal silver promptly stops these reactions, for blessed relief. The same usually occurs with other skin rashes. The immumosupressive abilities of colloidal silver is clearly shown when you get a burn and quickly apply colloidal silver! Not only will the pain stop but there will be no blister or reddening of the skin. Ditto with sunburn!

Please remember that any external infection takes a very long time to wipe out! Internally, your blood vessels and lymph system bath each cell every few minutes but externally bacteria have many unreachable hiding spots in your skins layers, hair folicles and pores, plus they may be on your pillow or clothes and thus reinfect often. Further, a skin rash may result in deep tissue damage, which will take time to repair.

Properly manufactured ionic colloidal silver can penetrate your tissues and kill off most bacteria or stop an immune system reaction, but you must continue treatment for weeks, even though it looks great in a few days! For the ultimate treatment of your skin, consider using aloe and Vitamin E creams as an after treatment! They both act as nutrients, to help repair damaged tissue.

For badly damaged skin, including dandruff and dry patchy spots, I found the fastest response from oil treatments (saturate the skin and let it soak in for a half hour)! While there may be better oils, I found that Olive Oil could break the cycle of cradle cap type dandruff with just two half hour treatments, done weeks apart. It will take months though to repair the damage.

After 40 odd years of using Dandruff shampoo, I decided Head and Shoulders was making my scalp worse and in my search for a solution (yes colloidal silver helped but did not repair the damaged tissue), I finally found the suggestion of an oil soak was the answer to all those years problems! It seems the oil provides nutrients to the damaged scalps skin cells, to repair them! Do I still have dandruff? Yes, and I believe we all do, as dead skin must be shed, but it is now barely noticeable and when I scratch my head there are no fingernails full of thick flakes, like I always had.


Probably the most vivid (people like to SEE results before they will believe) demonstration of the abilities of ionic colloidal silver is in the treatment of Acne. My best friend, at age 32 had severe adult acne and tried many creams with no real results. She was taking colloidal silver internally, but the acne was little effected. At my suggestion, she started cleaning her face twice daily with a cotton ball moistened with 5 PPM ionic colloidal silver and in just 2 days the results were vividly clear - an 80% improvement! Upon stopping treatment (she though she got rid of it) the red blemishes reappeared. Acne is an external infection and thus internal consumption had little effect but continued external treatment can lick it. Now, 6 months later she can be much more lax in cleansing her face.



   An extremely effective yet easy lung/bronchial/nasal treatment,

      which cleared up my sinus infection and thus many allergies:

After I fought off the recent Flu attacks but wound up with a bronchial/lung problem, I decided to experiment with a home made nebulizer, based on the excellent suggestions by DR. Brooks Bradley. (He treats patients at his clinic with colloidal silver vapors breathed from a nebulizer with oxygen feed, for "you better go home to die" lung problems, very successfully, with a few 1/2 hour sessions! They don't die.)

For instant gratification, I went to Goodwill and bought a used ultrasonic humidifier for $7. I added a few ounces of 5PPM Colloidal Silver and by breathing the mist directly, I got prompt improvement and the instant gratification I looked for. The mist may be a little too heavy (my girl friend tried it and said "Oh it went down the wrong tube") but by breathing the mist over a foot from the exhaust (before it vaporized into thin air) there was no feeling of discomfort (your natural cough reflex)!

Two days of 5 - 10 minute sessions cleared me up just great!

Since I have always had a sinus problem, I decided to do double duty and breath deeply in thru my nose and exhaust thru the mouth. That allowed my taking the full blast of the heavy mist without discomfort and in less then a minute Cs was dripping from my nose, indicating I was probably bathing my throat and bronchial tubes also. Now, a weeks later, I have the clearest sinuses I can remember. Cs or salt spray used to help, but never came close to the total clearing I now have - it certainly got into the sinus cavities! I presume there would be excellent sub-lingual (sub-nasal?, sub-bronchial?) absorption also. Like many a harried healer, I did not use a full ounce, as Brooks suggested, but more like a tablespoon/use, or 10 minutes a day of use.

It certainly fixed me up quickly, plus solved a persistent nasal problem. I am decidedly less allergic to strong perfumes, which used to get me stuffed up and sneezing immediately, then the drips, then the sneeze,....!

One thing to remember, is that the rapid cure may fake you out, as stopping the treatments may allow a flareup, so with any infection be sure to continue treating for a week or longer, to be sure all pathogens are dead! A nose specialist told me we all have damaged areas where pathogens reside and thus many allergies are sinus based.

Be sure you get an ultrasonic humidifier! They cost as little as $25! A steam unit would be hot and also void of silver! You will need 5-6 ounces of Cs which we sell for $15 for 8 ounces, postage paid. Make sure you clean and flush the water chamber with distilled water first, or the mineral deposits may mess up the colloidal silver!

By the way, if curious like me, do not put your finger on the tip of the white vertical cone of water, (just above the water level) where the vapor emanates from! Felt some what like pounding a nail into your finger bone! It is the same process used to shatter gallstones. ED: Fred Peschel

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